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Fresh and Frozen Fish Distribution
UK and European distribution of chilled and frozen fish

Quayside Distribution are the leading player in distribution of fresh and frozen fish throughout the UK. Over 20 years experience Quayside meets the logistical needs of the producers and end users of seafood products in the UK. With daily connections with the main seafood hubs in France, Belgium, Holland, Spain and major continental processors, Quayside enables the UK Seafood Industry to maximise its export potential in Europe.

Quayside employ experienced staff with extensive knowledge of the seafood distribution networks, a specialism with the chilled distribution industry. With owned equipment and employed drivers, Quayside retains direct control of the distribution network. Strategically placed operational hubs from Scotland to South West England ensures consistent and efficient national coverage.

Preferred supplier for one of the big four supermarkets seafood processing facility in Grimsby, Quayside manage the inbound and outbound logistics of goods, which are then delivered on Quayside vehicles to the supermarket’s Regional Distribution Centres 7 days/week.

Logistics partner with Marine Harvest, world’s biggest farmed salmon producer, based in North West Scotland, Quayside handle up to 50 000 t per annum of fresh salmon from the factory to the customer. Food service giants M&J Seafoods use Quayside Distribution for collection of seafood from all over UK and continental Europe to their hubs throughout the UK, keeping the restaurants and bars supplied up and down the country.

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