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Fresh and Frozen Produce Distribution
Comprehensive state of the art fresh and frozen product logistics

Frozen Produce Distribution

At Daregal Gourmet we like to see ourselves as a professional business supplying the UK market with the very best herbs for Retail, Food Manufacturing and Foodservice sectors. However it is not really what we think but rather how our customers perceive us that counts. With this in mind we strive as a business in all areas of our operations and this is not least in our logistics. It is now four years ago that we began the search to find a business which could offer us fully integrated storage and distribution at a cost which we could afford and at a standard that we demand.

The partner chosen then and remains today is Quayside. We work with the Quayside team every day and have found them to be responsive, dependable, accurate and overall professional to us and our customers. The herb world is complicated in terms of picking, re-palletising and as always just in time deliveries, I can truthfully say that as a business they have not let us down. As business they have gone that extra mile and that to me shows the sign of a company who wants to succeed and understands the importance of their own customer. As the Managing Director of our company I would have no hesitation in recommending Quayside as a potential business partner to you.

Martin McIlroy  - Managing Director - Daregal Gourmet

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